Building a Website

You won’t believe how easy it is to get your very own business website up and running using our simple 5 step site builder!

Step 1 - Select Your Domain 1. Select a domain name

  • This will become the internet location where people can find you on the internet.
  • You should choose a domain that either describes your business or incorporates the name of your business.

For example if you operate a business called ‘Quality Pergolas Pty Ltd’, and you operate in Sydney, Australia you may choose something like;




If you’d like some more info about registering a domain name, why not check out this document released by AUDA (The Australian Domian Name Administrator). Click here to view the document.

Step 2 - Design 2. Choose your site design

  • Select from one of our many design template categories that best suits your business;
  • If you can’t find a suitable category, just select ‘All categories’ and you’ll get to see all of our great designs
  • From here, you just need to select your preferred design, banner and colour scheme from the right hand side of the page
3. Select your web pages

  • This is the part of the process where you can customise the pages that your website has. You can choose to include any of the pages listed, or perhaps even just a blank page so you can add custom content.
4. Edit your site content

  • Here you add the content to your site and make it stand out from the crowd!
  • Whether you want to use the website to show people pictures of the great work you do, tell them about your products/services or simply provide them with some information about your company, this is where you can do it!
  • The buttons on the toolbar will be familiar to anyone that used a word processing program before, and we’re confident you’ll find it very easy to use.
5. Publish your website!!!!!

  • Congratulations! You’ve finished building your website. If you registered a domain at the start of the process your website will be published at that domain, if you’re just trialling our product it’ll be stored at the temporary location provided.