Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to Download any software to use the site builder?

Not at all! That’s the excellent part, we host the site builder ourselves, so all you need is an internet connection and a web browser and you can do everything you need to get your site up and running via our easy to use wizard.

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I have never made a website, do I need to learn anything to use the site builder?

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for small businesses to get thier businesses online, so if you can write a word processing document, or an email then you will be able to use the site builder to design your own website. To make it even easier we have put together a huge range of videos that will walk you through building your site and any tips and tricks we have found work well.

You will be able to log o and update your website whenever you want, that includes uploading photos, changing content, adding or removing pages. You get so much control over your site.

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Can I register a new domain with you?

Yes, of course! At the sign up page, you will be asked to choose from a few options, one is to register a new domain, the other is to transfer your domain across if you already have an existing one, and the final option is for you to update your domain to point to our servers.

All domains that you do purchase through us will be registered in your name and with your details, so you will own that domain for the period you have purchased it for.

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How can you offer a full website for such a great price, when my local web developer was charging me 5x the price you charge!?

We recognised that there was a huge number of small businesses that couldn’t budget nor afford to spend large amounts of money being asked by web development companies, so we looked at a way to offer loads of features at a fraction of the price. We realised that as with many businesses the majority of the costs wer tied up in labour, so by allowing you to build and design a website yourself allows us to offer you the same site at a fraction of the price.

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I Already have a website, can I still use YourBusinessWebsite?

Yes you can. You can transfer your domain, or redirect your domain to our servers so that you can take advantage of the site builder product we provide. We do not however currently have the ability to bring your existing website into the sitebuilder.

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Is there a contract term?

Yes, we are asking for a commitment of 24 Months to use the service.

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I don’t know what I am doing, do you have support?

Yes, as soon as you sign up with us, you get full access to our client area, this includes access to our knowledgebase, all our easy to follow step by step videos as well as free email support via our help desk system.

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Do I get any email addresses?

When you sign up with us, you will be asked to nominate 5 email addresses that will end with, if you need more than that we can do it for you - you just need to send an email to our help desk.

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How Many pages can I have?

You can literally have as many as you like! Because the site builder is so easy to use, you can just keep adding pages.

What happens if I have designed a site, and a few months later I want to change the template, will I loall my content?

No! That is another great feature of the site builder, you can change the template as often as you like. For instance, you may want to change your template from your standard template to a Christmas template during the Christmas holidays! It will only take a couple of minutes to change, and will keep all your data.

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Where is my site hosted?

We are an Australian Business, so we host all our servers in Australian Data Centres. What this means is that access to our website, as well as your website is FAST! Your customers don’t need to go across the world to visit your website, as its probably hosted just down the road from them.

Also a bonus of having the site hosted locally in Australia is that it indexes locally in google a lot better than websites hosted internationally.

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Can you help me get my site listed in Search Engines?

Yes, we specialise in search engine optimisation. Some of the ways we help our customers out is by listing them in our Business Directory - This directory get scanned by the search engines, and lists your sites there as well.

We will also offer tips to ensuring you set your website up properly so when a search engine finds your site it lists it correctly in the search engines.

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